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Timeless Vintage – White Enamelware

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Soviet Vintage White Enamel Colander




Charming vintage white enamel strainer with black rim.
Decorated with light blue flowers on both sides.
From Soviet era on 70s. Factory markings on the handle.
Pretty and practical – you may use it for serving, decorating, collecting.
Great for a rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen.

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Antique Kettle with Spirit Lamp

veekeetmisnõu piirituslambiga

Estonian antique.


Photo from Tallinn City Museum´s collections.


Estonian Antique Handmade Lighter


Photo from Tallinn City Museum´s collections.

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Children´s Biggest Dreams – to Become the Owner of the Bicycle

Tüdruk sõidab jalgrattaga

Estonian girl riding her bicycle in the 1960s.

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Estonian Vintage Radio Ad from 1930s


Radio factory RET was founded in 1935 in Estonia. Company´s aim was to develop, manufacture and sell all sorts of radio, sound transmission, cinema and distant vision devices, electrical appliances and parts.