“Who lives without remembering the past – lives without the future” (Estonian poet J. Liiv)

Everything vintage has become increasingly popular these days. Nothing surprising in that – vintage designs are just awesome! Some of the devoted admirerers enjoy owning a rarity, some are holding items with sentimental value. Others are excited about decorating homes for vintage atmosphere or hunting an enlargement for their collections.

My childhood passed by in Soviet era Estonia on the 80s and I grew up with admiration and esteem to “oldies”. In fact, gathering and preserving things was the way of life on that controversial time. This was due deficiency of almost everything. For decades.

My collector model was my Mom – her sets of vintage dishes were just divine. My own first collections consisted candy papers and food labels, interesting stones, beer tins, rings,  children`s magazines, my kindergarten drawings. Now, my pride and joy is the fascinating set of white Bavarian dishes from 1930s, as well as the collections of Soviet era items. My husband is a collector of music, films and vintage books – his knowledge and gatherings are imposing. My father-in-law is an owner of one of the greatest jazz music collections in Estonia. He is also a genealogist, compiling capacious books about our provenance and being a holder of family´s antique keepsakes. His oldest treasure is the silver thaler of the Grand Duke Christian I of the Saxony, from 1588, also known as Rix Dollar.

Having a degree in Estonian History I am happy to share my addiction for past times and provide knowledge, entertainment and ideas for people interested in vintage. My Etsy shop listings allow you to cast a glance to a daily life of common people on our little country in Soviet times. There are numerous types of decorative-yet-functional dishes, pins, stationery, postcards, linens, toys, clothing, accessories and other pearls of everyday items. Examples include a long period from 50s to 90s. Each item carries a shred of history of the peoples prosaic life in Soviet Estonia. As time marches on, these everyday vintage items become highly valued rarities.

Become a firstclass collector and do a research to find pieces that really work in your collection or your home. Be creative, be passionate and look “out of the frames”. Hunt for items that you consider magnificent. Nothing less.

Wishing you a great collecting experience.

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  1. Love this little blog of yours! Thanks for joining my fun, too. There are such stories, fun and value in appreciating and collecting true vintage items.

  2. So happy to meet you..I too love vintage! Thank you for following at Wallflower * Images..

  3. Very nice to meet you, especially this magical time of year. I adore anything vintage and hope you enjoy history as well.

  4. Hi! I just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for a “very inspiring blogger award.” Here’s the link to my post: — Have an awesome day!

  5. fabulous blog 🙂 thank you for the ‘like’ and its because of that I have found your blog…I adore vintage, if you scroll through my posts ( not photo ones) you will see vintage images, my pinterest is just vintage..and twitter I am followed and follow a lot of vintage people…fabulous fabulous blog 🙂 Ceri x

    oh here is my pinterest :

  6. thanks for the follow and will enjoy looking around your site

  7. Hello and thank you for the follow! LOVED your site – very Nostalgia-evoking 🙂 I am from Ukraine, but live in the US now. There are so many dear items in your posts! I even showed some to my mom – we had a good time remembering “the good old days”. I’ll be checking in!

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