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Famous Moscow Olympic Mascots Vigri and Misha


Misha (Russian: Миша), also known as Mishka (Russian: Мишка)  is the name of the Russian Bear mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games (the XXII Summer Olympics). He was designed by children’s books illustrator Victor Chizhikov.

The seal Vigri was the mascot for yachting event held in Tallinn, Estonia.


Black Humor Created by Victorian Photographers – Without Photoshop :)

This type of headless photography was created by combining images from multiple negatives.
The special effect is known as ‘trick photography`, and was developed in 1856 by the Swedish-born photographer Oscar Rejlander.
Here you can find some reading about this theme:

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Gorgeous Antique Dolls

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Batman and Robin, 1943