Fancy a Cup of Fresh Coffee?

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One of these items that holds a huge nostalgic value to me. I bet every Soviet home had one of these grinders back on 70s and 80s :). My mother could not give up drinking coffee even on the poorer times. Against all odds, she always managed to procure some coffee beans. It might be difficult to understand a deficiency today, but there was a lack of almost everything in my childhood, even the usual edibles.

We had a separate frying pan, which she used to roast the coffee beans, being quite a master in this field. Familiar grumble of the grinder and the coffee smell hovering over the rooms were the frequent morning awakeners of the children in our family. At least two cups of good strong coffee in the morning is my Moms norm so far 🙂 I remember that as children we used the coffee machine for making powdered sugar.

Some time ago we bought ourselves a vintage coffee grinder in a feeze of nostalgia 🙂 It is a true beauty, a cherry red item. And I must say that it is infinitely great feeling to grind with it. Worthy coffee experience the beans must remain just enough grainy, not too fine.

The picture shows a coffee grinder made ​​in 1986 in Straume factory (established in 1965 in  Latvia)


Available for purchase:

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