Shelves Full of Nostalgy – Polka Dot Tin Boxes



Soviet time chefs and housewives books kindly share tips and suggestions for modern kitchen furnishing: above all it should be practical, good-looking and simple. All utensils, vessels, machinery and food had to be placed on the shelves and cabinets in “size and gloss” order :). Keeping required order and handsomeness was helped nicely by Estonian factory “Norma” charming painted tin boxes. First boxes were manufactured already in 1930s and since belonged for many decades to almost every kitchen interior.


Boxes in various designs, colors, sizes and purpose appeared to sale. For instance, on the 1950sย choice were beige and mustard-yellow boxes with painted buildings from Tallinn`s Old Town on the front, and the name of the condiment.



Available in Etsy:

Probably most reminiscent of the childhood kitchen is the series of red polka dot tin boxes. The oldest boxes were red with white polka dots and a lid, boxes with silver and golden polka dots and covers were manufactured later, on the 70s and 80s.


Available in Etsy:

mummulised topsid

Lately the old time things have become extremely popular, which is why the tin boxes are selling fine and exemplars in good order are already scarce to find. Unquestionably, these nostalgic boxes are a beautiful design element, an eye-catcher and good memories awakener. Some has one, some has several – but some with particular luck has the whole set. I am, too, among the last group, whose kitchen shelf is enthroned by the set of gorgeous polka dot boxes.

Tin boxes from the 1980s:

IMG_3663 IMG_3571 kruup herkulo1IMG_8794

6 thoughts on “Shelves Full of Nostalgy – Polka Dot Tin Boxes

  1. Love ’em! Thanks for joining my fun, too!

  2. So true on the old time things becoming popular. I like to thrift shop and find that things that were usually there are disappearing; especially if it’s from years past. This year, it seemed where I live in Ohio everyone was making those glass bird baths for their yards out of dishes and vases so those were getting low in the thrift shops. Enjoyed visiting your site, and thanks for giving a Like to one of my posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love these tins. I have only a few, but no polka dots. Sweet

  4. You have some LOVELY things!

    Thanks for following me, I have some vintage tins coming up on my posts soon!!

    Gill at Blog sur Aude

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